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Compression Wraps

At some point, every athlete gets injured. Even minor aches and strains can impede optimal training and enhance pre-existing conditions. By combining traditional hot and cold therapy with PROCEP’s design innovation, PROCEP Hot / Cold Compression Wraps provide effective temperature therapy and injury treatment with the benefit of compression for deep pain relief and accelerated recovery. With a PROCEP Hot / Cold Compression Wrap, you will get off the sidelines and back in action sooner than previously possible.

Compression Sleeve Vs. Compression Wrap

Unlike regular compression sleeves, PROCEP Compression Wraps are made from power-stretch neoprene and have an adjustable Velcro strap that allows you to drive the therapy deep precisely into the affected tissue area, providing better pain relief than standard heat or cooling therapies and compression sleeves combined.

Heat and Cold Therapy Compression Bandage

PROCEP Hot / Cold Compression Wraps are specifically designed to perform for the recommended hot and cold treatment times, while delivering the benefit of compression technology to drive the heat or cold deep into tissues. Unlike traditional ice or heat packs, PROCEP gel technology stays hotter or colder longer, allowing you to reap more benefits of heat or cold therapy.

All of PROCEP’s innovative Hot / Cold Compression Wraps are designed with these features:

•  All in one design - easy to use and clean
•  Linen layer - prevents cold shock or heat burn on skin
•  High grade gel - delivers optimal temperature for both cold and hot treatments
•  Thin and lightweight
•  Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
•  Adjustable Velcro for universal sizing
•  Power stretch neoprene fabric - ensures the perfect fit

Whether you need a Back Wrap, Hand, Elbow or Wrist Wrap, Knee Wrap, Foot or Ankle Wrap, PROCEP has a compression wrap for you. Get yours now and start recovering faster!