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Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are quickly becoming one of the most favored pieces of high-tech apparel worn by athletes of all disciplines and skill levels. Compression shorts can be used as briefs or compression underwear to provide an ultra-tight fit and locked-in feeling while training. The shorts provide targeted support that prevents chafing, helps posture, encourages faster muscular recovery and more. The best compression shorts will keep your muscles fresh and your recovery time fast, allowing you to train harder and perform better than ever before.

PROCEP Compression Shorts Blueprint

PROCEP Compression Shorts feature a patent-pending Compression Blueprint, which helps keep muscles and joints in optimal alignment. After years of research and product development, the Blueprint provides a map for compression in areas where it’s needed, and flexibility or range of motion in areas where it’s not. While training or competing, this will assist in avoiding injuries and boosting muscle power for superior performance.

PROCEP Compression Shorts Fabric

The PROCEP compression short is made with PROCEP’s own DynawickTM fabric. This extraordinary sweat-wicking fabric has exceptional moisture management properties, making it ideal for layering or wearing alone when competing, training or running. DynawickTM is made from bamboo charcoal fibers, which is not only highly sustainable, but it is antimicrobial and heat-regulating, meaning it helps keep the skin cool and odor free so you can maintain a comfortable temperature no matter how hard you work.

The Advantage of Compression Shorts

Wearing PROCEP compression shorts helps cut down on the muscle vibration of training or sports, which can cause muscle or joint fatigue, stiffness and soreness. This can happen during and physical activity or afterwards; in which case it’s known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. Compression shorts are also popular for their ability to prevent chafing while working out or training. PROCEP’s DynawickTM fabric wicks away sweat from the skin surface and have minimal friction to ensure you stay chafing-free during training or competition.

Get the PROCEP advantage for your next workout with PROCEP Competition Shorts.