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Compression Shirts

Compression shirts are worn by athletes of all types and abilities. They have also become popular with military personnel and even business professionals looking to stay cool under suits or uniforms in hot weather. The ultra-tight fit is like a second skin, providing a locked-in feeling that aids with posture, muscular recovery and more. The best compression shirt will allow you to train harder, perform better, and recover faster than ever before.

PROCEP Posture-Correcting Compression Shirt Blueprint

PROCEP Posture-Correcting Compression Shirts feature patent-pending Compression Blueprint technology, which helps keep muscles and joints in proper alignment. This helps in training and competing to avoid injuries, and also optimizes lung function – increasing performance. It has also become highly regarded by chiropractic professionals to help correct issues caused by poor posture while sitting at desks.

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PROCEP Compression Shirt Fabric

PROCEP compression tops are made with PROCEP’s proprietary DynawickTM fabric. This revolutionary material wicks away sweat for superior moisture management and contains anti-microbial properties to avoid odors. Because it is breathable, it also helps keep the skin cool so your body does not need to sweat as much, and therefore loses fewer electrolytes. Conversely, in colder training settings DynawickTM also helps to keep muscles warmer, which is key in muscular injury prevention.

The Advantage of a Compression Shirt

Wearing a PROCEP compression top will cut down on excess muscle vibration, which especially in high-impact training or sports can cause fatigue, stiffness and soreness in muscles and joints during and after physical activity. A compression shirt is also very useful in preventing chafing while working out or training.

PROCEP offers compression shirts in a long sleeve and short sleeve design for different uses. Order the design that best works for you, and get the PROCEP advantage for your next workout.