Compression Garments is your complete online compression garments resource. PROCEP compression gear combines the benefits of the compression technology that has assisted those with compromised circulation for years, with advanced materials preferred by the modern athlete. The result? Base layer compression garments for men and women with significant athletic benefits, including improved endurance, faster recovery, and improved posture – all while keeping you cool and dry while training and competing.

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Skin Compression Clothing Benefits

Compression clothing has benefits for athletes of all disciplines – from Ironmen to those just out for a brisk walk; and all situations – from training, to competing, and even recovery. Compression clothing also benefits non-athletes who are looking for basic posture correction, back support, core strengthening or maintenance, and more.

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Body Compression Wraps & Braces

Although PROCEP compression garments for men and women are designed to help avoid injuries, all athletes will inevitably have some instances of soreness or injury.  In these cases, we have an innovative line of hot and cold compression wraps that not only provide lasting cold or heat therapy, but also capitalize on the benefits of body compression to accurately drive it deep into the tissues precisely where it is needed. This process is known to accelerate the body’s recovery from injury and will get you back to training sooner than otherwise possible.

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Compression Gear Clinically Tested & Proven by Experts

All of the products at have been tested and validated in clinical settings by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other musculoskeletal experts, as well as in athletic settings from the ski hill, to marathon runs, to a solo trek across the Brooks range. Get the base layer compression garments that are best for you today!

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